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Jan 24, 2017


Joe Kohanski has been designated a 2017 Southern California “Superlawyer, ” in the area of business bankruptcy. “It’s ironic to land on this list for business bankruptcy insofar as all of my bankruptcy work is on behalf of unions and wage and hour claimants, ” notes Kohanski,” but over the last few years we’ve collected tens of millions in residuals for our clients in some difficult film bankruptcy cases here and in New York, including Yari Film Group (Persik Productions), RHI, and Relativity.” “And some of our best work is in workout situations or intercreditor negotiations that are confidential.” Kohanski has managed the Firm’s representation of the Directors Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and the Writers Guild of America, West in Tri-Guild collection and audit matters since 1996. He also represents the Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Funds in such matters, and has represented foreign performer unions – ACTRA (Canada), Equity (UK) and MEAA (Australia) in disputes with US producers and distributors. Bob Bush and Buddy Gottlieb also are on the 2017 “Superlawyer” list.

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